Body care

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose from one of our essential oil blends and enjoy our relaxing massage treatment performed by one of our skilled estheticians.

30mins $60
60mins $94

Please note: Our estheticians are not registered massage therapists therefore they cannot issue receipts for insurance purposes.Aveda Stress fix




Hair Removal

By using Azulene wax, derived from chamomile, we are able to provide a more gentle waxing experience. All of our service providers are skillfully trained and use only the best techniques when performing all hair removal services.

Brow $24                                                            Lip $19

Chin $19                                                             Full Face $54

Underarm $24                                                    Forearm $29

Full Arm $45                                                      Bikini $33

Brazilian $65                                                      Lower Leg $41

Full Leg $77                                                       Upper Leg $45

Full Leg & Bikini $104                                    Full Leg & Brazilian $136

Eye Care

Eyebrow Tinting $24
Eyelash Tinting $30

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